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Why Choose HD-CVI?

Nowadays, high definition technology is increasingly expected as the standard. So one is often presented with the difficult decision of how to strike the perfect balance between cost, reliability, and performance. With HD-CVI, we make that decision easy. 

HD-CVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface and is also regarded as high definition CCTV. With HD-CVI, we utilize innovative methods of sending and receiving video signal over coax that allows for longer transmission distances, higher resolution, better dependability, and also a more pain-free implementation all while remaining competitively cost-effective. HD-CVI is more intelligent and capable than traditional CCTV. As such, it can use the same architecture as CCTV, but get much more out of it. Whether you need to secure a gas station, grocery store, or apartment complex, your investment into HD-CVI will save you time, energy, and money simply because it was designed to.


HD Image Quality:

HD-CVI is capable of producing brilliant 1280x720p or 1920x1080p resolution. These megapixel cameras uniquely transmit their High Definition video signals through coaxial cabling using exclusive and revolutionary technology. To have a closed-circuit system that grants you such clear HD video recording capability would normally be nearly impossible to find, cost inordinate amounts of money, and still be of a lesser quality. These factors all add up to why using HD-CVI is not only a great bargain, but a distinct privilege.


Easy to Upgrade to HD:

It’s not enough for a ground-breaking new technology to offer so much improvement over a previous one, but it has to be practical and financially feasible as well. One of the greatest benefits of choosing HD-CVI technology that stands out is its backwards compatibility with older systems. It has been designed to work with the same coaxial cabling that has likely already been laid out by previous CCTV setups. This compatibility not only saves money, but much time and effort. It makes it that much easier to upgrade older systems to HD-CVI in a smooth and painless fashion.


Long-distant, No Latency Transmission:

If it wasn’t enough that HD-CVI works with pre-existing coaxial cabling, it also is capable of significantly longer distances than, say, HD-SDI technology(the runner-up in HD CCTV systems). You can view crisp, high definition video feed with no delay at an excess of 500m(1,640 feet) over coaxial cabling with HD-CVI, whereas HD-SDI could only support 100m(328 feet). Once again, this means that any previous CCTV system with coaxial cabling installed can be used again and does not need to be replaced. HD-CVI efficiently transmits its High Definition video signals through coaxial cabling in an uncompressed, pure, and lossless transmission. This is what allows for little to no delay despite having such a high resolution, sharp picture at any moment.


3 Signals Over 1 Cable:

The beauty of coaxial cabling is that it is not only capable of transmitting multiple signals, but signals of different types. HD-CVI cameras and DVRs can communicate with each other through coaxial cabling using High Definition video signals, audio signals, and two-way control signals that allow you to change the PTZ status of your cameras.


No RF Interference with Low-Frequency Signal:

Most of the signal corruption and image/audio distortion on CCTV systems are caused by high frequency commercial or industrial appliances and electronics. With that in mind when HD-CVI was being developed, the end result is that this technology makes use of low-frequency signals that never interfere with other destructive signals and provide a secure, stable, and clean transmission at any point in time.



HD-CVI technology has single-handedly been the most thoroughly pre-meditated response to CCTV shortcomings in their effort to convert to High Definition platforms. The developers of HD-CVI technology have not hastily reacted to industry demands, cooking up random technologies and conversions on the fly. They have sat back, learned from others’ mistakes, and carefully crafted a long-term and powerful solution to High Definition application of CCTV systems. In essence, HD-CVI is the future of CCTV and will not be replaced as a technology any time in the near future.


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